Is [Spoiler] really dead in The Boys Season 3?

The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky” Courtesy Prime Video
The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky” Courtesy Prime Video /

It’s all going wrong for multiple characters in The Boys Season 3. Homelander is on the attack, but has he really killed another Supe?

Caution: This post includes spoilers from The Boys Season 3, Episode 4.

It was supposed to be a season that saw our favorite vigilantes in charge. Starlight was made co-captain of The Seven, which should have allowed her to keep Homelander in check. However, Homelander isn’t going down without a fight.

Not only is he completely psychopathic, but he’s also smart. Homelander routinely remains a step or two ahead of everyone else, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to Starlight. He knows that Starlight is up to something, and he’s not going to lose his position as solo captain of The Seven.

It helps him that there are a few other Supes who are willing to kiss up to him. The Deep and A-Train refuse to let Starlight and The Boys have any control. Starlight thought she had support from one Supe, but that support has been removed. Homelander has dealt with Supersonic the only way he knows how.

Is Supersonic dead on The Boys?

Homelander decides to take Starlight up to a rooftop. It’s where he thinks has the best view in the city, but he’s not talking about the specific city. Oh no, he’s talking about something else he wanted to show her.

Starlight sees Supersonic’s body broken and bloody. If it wasn’t for the costume, it would be difficult to even tell that this was Supersonic. Homelander certainly did a number on this kill.

Yes, it does look like Supersonic is really dead. The only way that this isn’t real is if Homelander got some sort of dummy or dressed up a lookalike in Supersonic’s costume. There’s no reason for Homelander to do something like this, though. I’d say Vought would do something like this, but not Homelander. He is out for blood, and he’s definitely killed Supersonic to remove him as a threat and keep Starlight in check.

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