How many episodes are in The Boys Season 3?

The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Boys -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

The Boys Season 3 is getting a weekly release, which means you’ll want to know when the finale is. That means knowing how many episodes are in the season.

Just like the second season, The Boys Season 3 is getting a hybrid release. The first three episodes are on Prime Video on Friday, June 3. After that, there will be one episode released per week until the finale.

This is annoying for those who prefer to binge-watch. However, it is better for the series as a whole. There have been a lto of shows that have benefitted from the weekly release as the cliffhangers and theories get people talking and checking out a show later.

Now you’ll want to know when the finale is going to air. That means knowing the episode count.

The Boys Season 3 episode count

Just like the first two seasons, there will be eight episodes in The Boys Season 3. This has been a great number of episodes to tell a story without dragging a lot or having to add in filler content.

This means that the season finale is going to air on Friday, July 8. This was confirmed when we first got the premiere date. From July 8, you’ll be able to binge-watch the entire season—and the series so far.

As of right now, there isn’t a fourth season confirmed. We’re fully expecting Prime Video to renew this series, but we are disappointed that the renewal didn’t happen before the premiere date. It’s not clear why that hasn’t happened, but it could be that Prime Video has plenty of content to bring over the next 12 months. There have been a lot of delays due to the pandemic.

There has bene a delay in renewing other shows. It took two months to get confirmation that Upload Season 3 would happen, and we’re still waiting on news for Undone, The Wilds, and more.

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The Boys is available to stream on Prime Video.