Is Bosch: Legacy renewed for Season 2?

Bosch Season 7 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Bosch Season 7 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

The Bosch: Legacy Season 1 finale is now available to stream on Freevee. Is this it? Will the series be renewed, or did Freevee cancel the Bosch spin-off?

While Bosch may be over, the universe hasn’t come to an end. Amazon made it clear rather quickly that Titus Welliver would be back on our screens, but in a spin-off series. That spin-off series would come to IMDb TV, which is now known as Freevee.

Bosch: Legacy picks up off the back of Bosch‘s final season. It follows Bosch now as a retired cop who still wants to do good in the world. Meanwhile, his daughter is a rookie cop, proving that she is more than just her mother and father’s legacies.

Now that the first season is over, we certainly want more. Will we get more? Is Bosch: Legacy Season 2 happening, or has Freevee cancelled the series?

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 is happening at Freevee

We got the good news about the series before it even premiered. Amazon had so much hope in it that it was renewed for a Season 2 before the series premiere. It’s not surprising that there was this hope in the show. Amazon had already seen the success of its predecessor, and there was always going to be the interest in the spin-off.

We’re expecting 10 episodes in the season just like the first. There isn’t a premiere date for it just yet, but we’re looking at sometime in 2023. The original series managed to bring new seasons every year, and almost on the dot. This is the type of show that doesn’t need as much post-production as the likes of The Boys and Carnival Row. There is a good chance that we’ll see the new season in May 2023, especially thanks to the early renewal.

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Bosch: Legacy is available to stream on Freevee.