Is Night Sky Season 2 happening at Prime Video?

Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video.
Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video. /

There were plenty of questions at the end of Night Sky Season 1. The only way we’ll get answers is if Night Sky Season 2 is going to happen or not.

We ended up with a lot of questions at the end if Night Sky Season 1. Sure, we got some details about the not-so-deserted planet, but there were a lot of other things going on in the world. Well, the universe.

Now we need to know if there’s going to be another season of the series. We need answers to our questions, right? So, what is going to happen with the series? Will we get to see more of Frank and Irene York?

Night Sky Season 2 is not happening yet…

As of writing this, Night Sky has not been cancelled or renewed for Season 2 by Prime Video. That’s not too surprising. The series has only just dropped on the streamer.

We’ll need to wait and see what Amazon decides to do. The renewals are coming through relatively slowly, even for the shows that we’re expecting to see renewed. For example, Upload Season 3 writing had begun but it took two months to get the official renewal. We’re still waiting on decisions for The WildsOuter Range, and more.

It’s hard to know whether a show will be renewed or not on Prime Video. The streamer doesn’t release all viewership details, which are the main deciding factors behind the renewals and cancellations. Without seeing those numbers, we can’t really tell what the interest has been like for a series.

It is clear from the social media interest that fans want to see more of this series. Now will Prime Video agree?

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Night Sky is available to stream on Prime Video.