How many episodes are in Night Sky Season 1?

Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video.
Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video. /

Night Sky is now available to stream on Prime Video. It’s been released as a binge-watch. How many episodes do you need to get through this weekend?

When you hear that there’s a new series on Prime Video, you’ll initially look at how it’s being released. Then it turns out that it’s a binge-watch. You know you have to fit all episodes of a series into one weekend.

It can get rather stressful, especially with shows that have a lot of episodes in a season. You need to make sure you have time, and also know how long you need to stay off social media to avoid spoilers.

Night Sky is going to be released as a binge-watch. How many episodes will you be working through this weekend.

Night Sky Season 1 episode count

The full season has eight episodes to work through. This has become a standard length for most Prime Video shows. There is the odd case where there are 10 episodes, but eight has been the case for the likes of The Wheel of TimeThe Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Outer Range.

Throughout the eight episodes, we get to see what Franklin and Irene’s secret is. It’s a chamber that leads them to a deserted planet. Of course, this isn’t as peaceful as they initially thought it would be. When a young man turns up out of the blue, they need to figure out what the deserted planet really is and what this young man wants.

The series was initially called Lightyears, and it has seen a cast change early on. Now it’s time to see what is really going on in this deserted world. Will there be more to the story? You’ll need to prove to Prime Video you want it by binge-watching the eight episodes this weekend.

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Night Sky is on Prime Video tonight.