What is Night Sky about?

Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video.
Night Sky. Courtesy of Prime Video. /

Night Sky is coming to Prime Video at the end of the week. Before you jump into the series, you’ll want to know what it is about.

You may remember a series called Lightyears being in development at Amazon. Well, that series has changed its name to Night Sky. Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons star in the series.

All eight episodes drop at once on Prime Video at the end of the week. It’s certainly going to be a fun binge-watch, even if the trailer doesn’t seem that way at first. You’ll want to tune in right away if you’re a fan of sci-fi shows.

Not sure about it? Here’s all you need to know about the series to see if it’s for you.

Night Sky synopsis

Spacek and Simmons play Irene and Franklin York. They’ve been married for years, but they’ve also held a secret from the rest of the world. They have a chamber on their land that leads them to a deserted planet.

At least, they think the planet is deserted. When a young man suddenly appears, they start to question everything they thought and new about the chamber. At the same time, they have to deal with neighbors who are sure that the Yorks are hiding something and want to get to the bottom of it.

What exactly is the chamber? What is on the planet, and why were the Yorks fortunate enough to find it rather than someone who would have destroyed it? There are a lot of questions, and we need answers throughout the series.

Check out the promo for Night Sky below:

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What are you looking forward to learning in Night Sky? What do you think of the series based on the trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Night Sky is coming to Prime Video on Friday, May 20.