Is The Wilds Season 3 happening at Prime Video?

The Wilds Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Wilds Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

After what has felt like an extremely long wait, The Wilds Season 2 is finally here. Of course, now you need to know about The Wilds Season 3. Is it happening at Prime Video?

If you have binged your way through The Wilds Season 2, you are not alone. This is one of those shows that we just couldn’t stop watching. Just like the first season, it took us on many twists and turns throughout the journey, and yes, that cliffhanger ending was everything.

No spoilers here for those who haven’t got to the end yet. That wouldn’t be fair! What we will say is that you definitely want to get through it all right away, and you will want The Wilds Season 3 after you’ve seen it all.

Prime Video hasn’t confirmed The Wilds Season 3 yet

There is some bad news, though. We don’t yet know if The Wilds Season 3 is going to happen just yet.

This isn’t all that surprising, and it’s also nothing to worry about just yet. After all, the second season has only just arrived. While there are some shows that get an early renewal, we weren’t expecting that for this YA series. That’s not to say there wasn’t enough interest, but it’s just not as big as the likes of The Wheel of Time and The Boys when it comes to a fandom already built in due to source material.

We would love to see a renewal announcement soon. We’re still waiting for a few shows from 2022 to be renewed, though. One of those is Upload, so we might have to wait a while as Prime Video figures out what it wants to do.

We’re ready for more, though. Let’s make some noise so Prime Video can hear us. The best way to do that is to get your friends to binge-watch the series on Prime Video, too!

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The Wilds is available to stream on Prime Video.