Them Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in May 2022

Them -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Them -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Another month is here, and we have more bad news about Them Season 2. The season is not happening on Prime Video this month.

There is no doubt that we would love to bring some good news about some of the shows we’ve been waiting a year or more for. Them Season 2 is one of them. We’re waiting to find out when the new season will head to Prime Video.

This isn’t a show that’s on the list of Prime Video releases in May 2022. We didn’t really expect it to be there, but that didn’t stop us from checking the list a couple of times just to make sure. After all, Prime Video has been known to add things last minute in the past.

When is Them Season 2 coming to Prime Video?

All we still know right now is that Them Season 2 is happening. Prime Video picked up the series for two seasons from the get-go. It’s an anthology series, so we’re not expecting a continuation of the Emory family’s storyline, which eventually saw them get out of the house that was just as dangerous (if not more) than the white, racist neighbors outside.

There have been absolutely no updates on the series since the first season aired. We don’t even know if it’s filming or not.

This doesn’t mean it isn’t filming. We just have to look at how quiet everything around Undone Season 2 was, and how that season is now available on Prime Video. Maybe we’ll suddenly get some news about what the second season is going to focus on. That’s something else we don’t know: what the focus of Them Season 2 is going to be!

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Stay tuned for the latest updates about Them Season 2, and watch the first season on Prime Video.