What time is The Wilds Season 2 on Prime Video?

The Wilds Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
The Wilds Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

After a long wait, The Wilds Season 2 is finally on its way. It drops at the end of the week, but what time can you stream it on Prime Video?

There is no doubt that we’ve been ready for The Wilds Season 2 since we watched the first season finale. This is a YA series that immediately caught our attention for multiple reasons, and we’re more than ready to get a few answers to major questions we had at the end.

The second season is going to delve into the Twilight of Adam. This is a project we found out about at the end of the first season. Leah saw cameras watching a group of boys in the middle of a deserted island, and they seem to be dealing with the situation far better than the teenage girls did. They probably didn’t have to deal with the adult of their group dying and a shark attack, though!

What is going on? How did things go for the boys? What is next for our favorite girls? There isn’t long to wait for answers.

The Wilds Season 2 release time on Prime Video

The Wilds Season 2 is a global original. This is important to note when it comes to the release time. It means that it will drop at midnight GMT.

This often means that we’ll get it earlier in North America thanks to time zones. We’re looking at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, May 5. There isn’t any guarantee that this will happen, but it will be more likely than not. We’ve seen it happen with multiple global originals over the years, including the likes of The Wheel of TimeThe Boys, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

All 10 episodes of the season will be available at once. Yes, this is a binge-watch just like the first season. Are you ready?

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The Wilds Season 2 will be on Prime Video on Friday, May 6.