Undone Season 2 is coming to Prime Video tonight

Undone Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Undone Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

We have waited a long time for Undone Season 2. That wait is so close to being over. The full season drops on Prime Video tonight.

It’s hard to believe that Undone Season 1 dropped back in September 2019. It didn’t take long for Prime Video to renew the series, but then the world shut down. That had an impact on the filming of all TV.

We’ve waited a long time for Undone Season 2, and the wait comes to an end tonight. Get ready for the full season to arrive at midnight GMT. As this is a global original, there’s some excellent news for those of us in North America. We’ll likely get the episodes at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT tonight, Thursday, April 28.

Of course, there isn’t a guarantee of this happening. We just see it happen way more times than it doesn’t, so we’re pretty comfortable getting ready after dinner to start the binge-watch.

What is Undone Season 2 about?

The first season introduced us to Alma and her family. After a car accident, Alma started to have visions of her deceased father. She then learned she had the abilities of her ancestors that could lead to her being able to change time.

And that’s what she set out to do. She wanted to bring her father back from the dead.

The problem was those on the outside thought she was struggling from a mental health breakdown. Was it possible that she was struggling mentally and just thought she could change the past? We didn’t get any answers at the end of the season. We just saw Alma’s sister Becca waiting with Alma to see if Alma really had brought their dad back from the dead.

This second season is likely to answer that question. We’ll also get the chance to see that it’s not just Alma who has the gifts of her ancestors. Becca does too, although Becca doesn’t seem to want to embrace them as much as Alma did.

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Undone Season 2 is coming to Prime Video tonight.