Undone Season 2 age rating: Is the series suitable for kids?

Undone Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video
Undone Season 2 -- Courtesy of Prime Video /

Undone Season 2 arrives at the end of the week, but will it be something to watch once the kids are in bed? What is the age rating for the season?

If there is one show we’ve waited a long time for, it’s Undone. The second season has taken almost three years to make it to our screens. The wait is over at the end of the week, and you’ll likely want to jump straight into the episodes.

You’ll want to check out the Undone Season 2 age rating first. This will help you determine if you should wait for the kids to go to bed or watch it right away.

Undone Season 2 age rating

The official age rating for the series in the U.S. is TV-MA. This is a high age rating for the content if we’re honest. Other countries have it set to 15 or 16, which is probably a little more on point.

The series has some moderate language and frightening scenes. They’re probably not the best for younger children, but a lot of teenagers will have seen some of the content already. The first season was extremely mild when it comes to the nudity and sex, and we’re sure to see the same for the second season.

This show is more focused on mental health and cultural beliefs. The first season focuses on Alma, who starts to have visions of her deceased father after a car accident. She realizes that she can travel through time, and there’s a chance that she can prevent her father’s death. However, it’s not clear if she really can do this or if she is struggling with her mental health.

During Undone Season 2, we’ll see her sister Becca start to go inside people’s memories. She also has the abilities of her ancestors, so it looks like it wasn’t Alma suffering with her mental health after all.

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Undone Season 2 is coming to Prime Video on Friday, April 29.