When will Outer Range Episode 3 come to Prime Video?

Outer Range, Royal Abbott (played by Josh Brolin)
Outer Range, Royal Abbott (played by Josh Brolin) /

The first two episodes of Outer Range are now streaming on Prime Video. You’ll certainly want to see more. When will Episode 3 drop on the streamer?

There is no doubt that you’re ready for more Outer Range. This western supernatural drama quickly caught our attention with the mysterious void, the excellent acting, and the standout storyline.

Sadly, only two episodes of the series dropped. There are eight episodes in total, so you’ll want to know when these episodes will arrive. More importantly, when is the next episode coming out?

Outer Range Episode 3 release date on Prime Video

Amazon has moved to a hybrid release model for a lot of TV shows lately. This isn’t too surprising. Something that the streamers are seeing is that the weekly release model is still good for keeping a show on the mind of fans.

If we saw Yellowjackets or Euphoria dropped as a binge-watch, they probably wouldn’t have had the following they both gained. They would have been canceled before their time.

Prime Video started to move into more of a hybrid release over the last couple of years, especially after seeing a good response in terms of viewership numbers for The Boys Season 2. Sure, fans didn’t like it, but it was one of the most-watched Prime Video shows going. People kept tuning in each week.

Outer Range is getting a release model like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4. Instead of getting a bulk release and then a weekly release, the show is getting a hybrid release each week.

Episode 3 will drop on Friday, April 22. Episode 4 will also drop on the same day. After that, the next two episodes will drop on Friday, April 29, and then the final two episodes will drop on Friday, May 6.

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Outer Range is now on Prime Video. Two new episodes will arrive on Friday, April 22.