Outer Range and more streaming on Prime Video this week

Outer Range -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Outer Range -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

A new weekend brings more content streaming on Prime Video. There isn’t that much arriving, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing interesting.

Prime Video doesn’t have a lot arriving throughout the rest of April. The focus is on all the Prime Originals dropping at the end of each week. So, if you need something to watch during the week, you’ll need to turn your attention back to the content that arrived earlier this month.

The good news is there was the huge April 1 drop, which included the new Prime Original Series The Outlaws. There are also some great movies like Fargo and Dirty Dancing to watch. But what about this week? What is streaming on Prime Video?

Outer Range and more streaming on Prime Video this week

You’ll need to wait until the end of the week. Outer Range is the biggest release of the week, a new series starring Josh Brolin and Imogen Poots.

The series is described as a supernatural western, and the trailer we got certainly suggests that. The Abbotts are dealing with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law just as the Tillersons decide it’s time to make a play for their ranch land. If only this was going to be a battle for land. That would be simple compared to what actually happens. What is the mysterious black void that suddenly arrives in the Abbotts’ land?

If you love crime thrillers, you’ll need to check out Verdict. The first season drops in full at the end of the week. It is a Brazilian series focused on renowned criminal lawyer Heloísa. She believes that everyone has the right to a defense, but what happens when she ends up having to defend a killer who asks for her specifically? Of course, she wants to defend him, but she also has to deal with a childhood trauma buried deep and a painful family secret affected by this killer coming into her life.

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What are you streaming on Prime Video this week? What are you looking forward to watching in April? Let us know in the comments below.

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