The Outlaws is coming to Prime Video tonight

The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon /

Are you ready for a horror comedy with a standout cast? Prime Video has you covered. The Outlaws is the series to watch, and it’s coming tonight.

We are more than ready to check out another horror comedy. This is another one from a British team, but unlike Truth Seekers, it’s already been renewed for a second season. We get to go into the show knowing that we’re going to get more.

The new series will drop as a binge-watch tonight. That’s six episodes to entertain us. It’s not a global Prime Original Series, though. This will mean that we likely won’t see it tonight, Thursday, March 31. Instead, we’re likely to see it in the middle of the night at midnight local on Friday, April 1.

What is The Outlaws about?

Originally titled The OffendersThe Outlaws follow seven individuals who are doing community service. They need to clean up a derelict building, but while they do that, they find a bag of cash.

Of course, they all have different ideas for what to do with the cash. Some will want to steal it, while others will want to turn it into the cops to go to the owners. The problem is the owners may not be a legal bunch of people.

You see, our seven offenders end up with people after them. The real owners of the cash want it, and now the individuals will need to work together if they want to keep their lives in one piece.

The series has already aired in the UK. It’s received some high praise from viewers, and people can’t wait for the second season. Now we get to see what the series is actually like.

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The Outlaws is available to stream on Prime Video tonight.