The Outlaws age rating: Is the series suitable for children?

The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon
The Outlaws -- Courtesy of BBC/Amazon /

The Outlaws is coming to Prime Video at the end of the week. Is it something to watch with the kids? Here’s The Outlaws age rating.

There is a new Amazon series to look forward to. The Outlaws, which was originally titled The Offenders, is arriving at the end of the week. The British dramedy promises to bring us plenty of laughter with Stephen Merchant in the lead.

It has an absolutely standout cast. You’ll certainly want to check out the series the minute it drops on Prime Video. The question is whether you’ll have to wait until you’re without kids around. Is this something that will be suitable for them?

The Outlaws age rating

The best way to check if a new series is going to be suitable for kids is to look at the set age rating. The Outlaws age rating is officially set at TV-MA, which is the same as an R rating for a movie. This is the same age rating a lot of Prime Video shows get. In fact, it’s the way a lot of streamers go with their content.

This does mean the show isn’t officially suitable for children under the age of 18. There is a lot of violence and strong language throughout the six episodes. However, it is worth keeping in mind that you know your kids the best. You’ll know if they’re mature enough for a series like this.

Something worth pointing out is that in the UK, the show was given a G rating. This means it’s “General” and suitable for all ages. Of course, we know with the language that’s probably not the case, but there may have been a version made suitable considering the series is a BBC series.

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The Outlaws is coming to Prime Video on Friday, April 1.