Is Rescued By Ruby coming to Prime Video?

Rescued by Ruby. Grant Gustin as Daniel O’Neil in Rescued by Ruby. Cr. Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2021
Rescued by Ruby. Grant Gustin as Daniel O’Neil in Rescued by Ruby. Cr. Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2021 /

The Flash fans will want to check out Grant Gustin’s upcoming movie Rescued By Ruby. Where can you stream the movie online? Is it on Prime Video?

Rescued By Ruby is an underdog story. Gustin plays Dan, a state trooper with the dream of cjoining the K-9 Search and Rescue team. Nobody is willing to give him the chance, and he’s going to need to prove himself.

Meanwhile, Ruby dreams of having a home. Time is running out for her in the shelter. Fortunately, one day, fate brings Dan and Ruby together. They form a bond that nobody can break, and now they both need to prove that they’re worthy of joining the K-9 team.

The movie is based on a true story. This is certainly something you’ll want to check out as soon as it’s released on Thursday, March 17. Now you just need to know where to stream it.

Rescued By Ruby is not coming to Prime Video

There is some bad news for those looking for the movie on Prime Video. This is not a release for those with a Prime membership. It’s not going to be available for free, and there’s no reason for it ever to come to Prime Video.

This is a Netflix Original Movie. That means it’s only going to Netflix, and there’s just no reason for Netflix to share the movie with another streaming platform.

Will Rescued By Ruby come to Amazon Video?

While it’s not coming to Prime Video, is there a chance that it will arrive on Amazon Instant Video? Is this a movie that will get a Digital release?

It’s highly unlikely. While there are times that Netflix movies head to DVD and Digital, it’s not often. These movies are usually ones that head to theaters first, and Gustin’s movie isn’t getting a theatrical release. Bringing the movie to Amazon Instant Video doesn’t make sense for Netflix. It encourages people to pay once for the movie and watch whenever they want instead of subscribing consistently to Netflix.

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Rescued By Ruby is available on Netflix on Thursday, March 17.