Is The Weekend Away coming to Prime Video?

The Weekend Away. Leighton Meester as Beth in The Weekend Away. Cr. Ivan Sardi/Netflix ©2022
The Weekend Away. Leighton Meester as Beth in The Weekend Away. Cr. Ivan Sardi/Netflix ©2022 /

Gossip Girl fans will want to check out The Weekend Away starring Leighton Meester. Is the movie on Amazon Prime Video?

While The Weekend Away hasn’t received the best reviews, there are many reasons to check it out. For Gossip Girl fans, it’s all about Leighton Meester. We love to support everything that she’s in.

This movie follows Meester as Beth, who heads on a romantic vacation to Croatia with her boyfriend. Of course, this is a thriller, which means the vacation turns into anything but romantic. It’s a fight for survival as secrets are revealed.

The Weekend Away is not coming to Prime Video

There is some bad news for those who want to watch the movie with their Prime membership. This is not a movie that is going to be available on Prime Video.

The Weekend Away is a Netflix Original Movie. The only place that it is available to stream is on Netflix. Of course, should something happen to Netflix that it needs to be acquired, there is a chance Prime Video could pick it up. We just can’t see that happening, though!

Is The Weekend Away coming to Amazon Video?

What about a Digital release? There are some Netflix movies that do come to Digital, which would then put it on Amazon Instant Video. That’s probably not going to be the case for this particular movie, though.

The movies that have gone to Digital are those that have come to theaters. In fact, it’s very rare for a Digital release and the movies are mostly released on DVD if they got a theatrical release, such as The Marriage Story and The Irishman. With The Weekend Away not getting a theatrical release, it’s not likely to get any sort of physical release.

It simply doesn’t make sense for Netflix to put its movies on Digital. That would encourage people to not subscribe for the content.

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The Weekend Away is available to stream exclusively on Netflix.