Upload Season 2 finale ending explained: Does Nathan download?

Upload Season 2 -- Courtesy of Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios
Upload Season 2 -- Courtesy of Liane Hentscher/Amazon Studios /

Nathan went on a big journey to uncover the truth in Upload Season 2. How did it all end in the finale? Did he manage to download?

With his memories restored thanks to the upgrade in Upload Season 1, Nathan was able to go on a journey to figure out who killed him. Ingrid uploading herself allowed him to move out of two gig status where he could try and do some good.

He spent some time stealing data from some of the rich and gave it to the poor. He became a Robin Hood in Lakeview, and Luke was more than happy to join in. Even Ingrid joined in at one point, although that wasn’t actually Ingrid.

We quickly learned that Ingrid hadn’t actually uploaded. She was spending all her time in a suit to make it look like she was in the virtual world. There was one point she hired someone to use the suit and pretend to be her.

Meanwhile, Nora went to live with the LUDDS, a group of anti-tech people. She did some of their dirty work for them, but in the end, she wanted them to help her figure out who tried to kill Nathan and what that person wanted with Nathan’s code.

Nathan downloads in the Upload Season 2 finale

Nathan and Nora figured a lot of it out together. Nathan’s world, Freeyond, was opening hundreds of stores around the country. However, there was only one in New York and only one in California. The hundreds of others were in disenfranchised areas.

Nathan learned that David Choak was the one who had arranged Nathan’s death. It soon became clear what was going on. People who upload can’t vote. So, the poor were uploading to free places to enjoy life allowing the rich to take even more control in the real world.

The LUDDS needed to stop this from happening. That would mean downloading Nathan. It turned out that there had been some more tests in pigeons. Some pigeons had successfully downloaded and others would last 24 hours before their heads exploded. Nathan was willing to take this risk to get to Choak and stop the plan.

But where was Nathan going to download to? After finding out that Ingrid was actually still alive, Nathan also learned that she had been regrowing his head on his body. Nathan’s body was in stasis, waiting for him to be downloaded into it. Nora and the LUDDS were able to download Nathan’s consciousness back into his body.

At the very end of the episode, we see Nathan bleeding from his nose. Is this a sign that he’s not going to survive?

It may not be all that problematic. Aleesha’s intern had checked in on Nathan and couldn’t find him in the system. She decided to reboot Nathan, keeping that part quiet from the higher-ups, after the suggestion that he probably fell into a glitch. That should mean Nathan ends up back in the digital world but with absolutely no memories of the things that happen in the real world. That’s going to make an interesting Upload Season 3.

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