What is Upload Season 2 about?

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

We’re all excited for the end of the week. After an almost two-year wait, Upload Season 2 is here. What will the season be about?

The first season dropped in full on May 1, 2020. It quickly gained the attention of fans, with many people quickly sharing it with their friends. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the perfect time to binge-watch it.

The series itself is set in two worlds. There’s the real world in a future where technology has grown considerably, and then in the digital world. This digital world is an afterlife where people can choose to upload themselves before they die. They spend eternity experiencing a world they never got the chance to if they get to afford it.

Of course, there’s a cost. There’s a huge cost for some. Those who don’t have the money end up in a two-gig world that is free but has a lot of limitations, and it just doesn’t seem that much fun. However, people prefer that over death, especially when there’s work happening on bringing people back to bodies in the real world.

What is Upload Season 2 about?

The end of the first season saw Nathan choose to get out from under Ingrid’s thumb, putting himself in the free area. Meanwhile, Ingrid uploaded herself to spend eternity with Nathan. Then there’s Nora who had to escape for her life.

It’s clear that someone wanted Nathan dead. He needs to figure out why that is, and it’s clearly linked to him trying to bring a digital world that is free and fun for all. Those who are making money from the digital worlds clearly don’t want Nathan creating a free one.

The second season is going to continue this search for who tried to kill him. Nora is mixed up with a group that is completely against technology, but could they help get to the bottom of Nathan’s murder. Meanwhile, Nathan is back in the unlimited world with Ingrid by his side, and there is more technology to come, including digital babies!

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There are seven episodes to the season. Get ready for it to arrive on Friday, March 11 on Prime Video.