Upload Season 2 trailer: Nathan and Ingrid back together?

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

We’re just weeks w from Upload Season 2 coming to Prime Video, and now we get a look at what to expect in the first trailer of the season.

There is certainly a lot to look forward to when it comes to Upload Season 2. One of those is the hope we’ll get answers about who killed Nathan. We already have our theories why, and they’re linked to the fact that he was trying to create a digital afterlife that was accessible for everyone.

That’s the topic of conversation during the new season. Not everyone is happy that the digital afterlife is really only available for the rich and the famous. We know that if it wasn’t for Ingrid, Nathan wouldn’t have gotten everything he did in the afterlife. He downgraded himself to be out of her control.

All that will change. The Upload Season 2 trailer makes it clear that Nathan and Ingrid are back together. She uploaded herself to be with him, sacrificing the rest of her life on Earth to be in this digital space with him. Is that love? It certainly seems like it.

Nathan still has feelings for Nora on Upload Season 2

However, there’s still Nora out there. She had to escape her home, but she’s back. How is she going to react to the news that Nathan and Ingrid are back together and living in the digital afterlife together?

She has a new boyfriend of her own, though. This guy is living off the grid, and it looks like he’s one of those who is against technology; at least, maybe against it only being for the rich.

Nora is back at work, but is she there to spy? Could she be looking for a way to change things from the inside?

Then there’s the new technology being developed. One of those is a digital baby, but Ingrid doesn’t look too happy about that idea.

Take a look at the Upload Season 2 trailer below:

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Upload Season 2 is available to stream on March 11 on Prime Video.