Undone Season 2 is not coming to Prime Video in March 2022

Undone -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV
Undone -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video -- Acquired via EPK.TV /

We’re certainly ready to see what’s next for Alma and whether she did change history. The wait continues for Undone Season 2 on Prime Video.

At the end of Undone Season 1, we were left wondering whether Alma had changed history or not. Would it all be in her head, or would her father walk out of the cave? It’s a question we’ve had since the first season aired back in 2019.

It’s certainly been a long wait for this series. The wait continues, as the series is not on the list of releases on Prime Video in March 2022.

We didn’t really expect it, but that didn’t stop us from looking out for it. Maybe Prime Video just wanted to leave it as a surprise.

Undone Season 2 release date predictions

We do have a little bit of good news. The last we heard about the series, we are expecting it in 2022. We’re also expecting it sometime in the first half of the year.

We know that it’s not coming to March, but we still have three months where Undone Season 2 could be released. Some of the April releases are being released right now, including the highly anticipated series The Outlaws. There would be space to bring Undone in all that.

May’s big release is The Wilds and June’s big release is The Boys. We have expected Prime Video to spread out its content that wrapped filming in 2021 to help give us something to look forward to throughout the year. However, with so much to wait for, it doesn’t mean we can’t have two big releases each month. Just look at how March has The Boys Presents: Diabolical and Upload.

This is certainly a series we’re keeping a close eye on. We’ll be sure to let you know the release date as soon as we know.

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Undone is available to stream on Prime Video.