Is The Wilds Season 2 coming to Prime Video in 2022?

The Wilds -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Wilds -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

There are a few Amazon shows we’re waiting for updates about. One of those is The Wilds Season 2. Will it come to Prime Video this year?

There are a lot of questions we have for The Wilds Season 2. The most important right now is when it’s coming to Prime Video.

We know filming has finished. That wrapped during 2021, and we’ve heard nothing since. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the social profiles for the series, but so far, everyone is staying silent on the details.

The Wilds Season 2 should arrive in 2022

We’re counting on a 2022 release date for The Wilds Season 2. With filming wrapping up at the end of 2021, there’s just no need for the series not to arrive this year.

And yet, we’re still waiting with absolutely no idea. We didn’t think post-production would take as long as the likes of The Boys and The Expanse, but maybe this just depends on the types of visual effects needed. After all, we know the boys’ island will be introduced and that could mean some needed effects for injuries. We also know there are injuries on the girls that will need visual effects.

It’s hard to make a prediction at this point. The fact that we’ve heard nothing yet allows us to rule out March 2022 as a release month. We can also possibly rule out April 2022. Will we see it in the first half of the year?

Prime Video may have a problem with releases this year. It’s not that there’s nothing to arrive but that there’s too much to arrive. Everything started filming at around the same time in January 2021. It all then wrapped around the same time, meaning episodes will be ready for release around the same time. Prime Video needs to space that content out throughout the year, which could mean an end-of-the-year release for some shows.

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The Wilds is available to stream on Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates about The Wilds Season 2.