Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up DVD review: What to expect

Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up -- Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up -- Courtesy of Warner Bros. /

Tom and Jerry are back in action, and this time they need to work together to help save a ranch. Here’s our Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up DVD review.

Who doesn’t love the classic Tom and Jerry series? Well, it’s time to see the two of them team up in the new original movie. It’s the classic animation, and it’s going to be perfect for everyone in the house.

This is one of those movies that captures the heart of the original TV series. It’s full of entertaining moments for the kids, as Tom and Jerry try to help save a ranch.

Yes, they’re working together! And Jerry has his three nephews who will also try to help. Tom may want to question whether they are on his side or not, especially if you look at the exclusive clip we had the opportunity to share.

What to expect on Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up

The new DVD brings just the original movie. Sadly, there are no bonus features included with this release. However, the movie is more than worth getting it for. The movie itself is a 75-minute feature movie, and not just an extended episode of your standard Tom and Jerry series.

The movie follows a cowgirl and her brother who need to save their ranch from a greedy land-grabber. They need to round up a posse of prairie dogs to manage it, but will it be enough to help save the home?

If you prefer to watch via streaming, you can get something similar. Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up is also available on Digital. You’ll need to buy the movie, and it will be added to your Amazon Library for as long as you have your Amazon account.

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Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up is now available to buy on DVD.