Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up! sneak peek: Tom takes on a bull

Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up -- Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up -- Courtesy of Warner Bros. /

If you love the classic Tom and Jerry, you’ll be excited for the new original movie. Take a look at this sneak peek from Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up!

Who doesn’t love the world of Tom and Jerry? The cat and mouse are firm favorites for many children, and there’s plenty of nostalgia in newer movies and episodes for the adults in the house. Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up! is a new original movie arriving on Tuesday, Jan. 25 on DVD, and it’s not a release you’ll want to miss.

This movie sees Tom and Jerry team up to help a cowgirl and her brother. Their homestead is at risk from the hands of a greedy land-grabber, and the rivals will need to put their differences aside if they want to help the family. It’s not going to be easy when Jerry also has his three nephews tagging along.

Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up! sneak peek

In fact, it’s the nephews that are a big focus in our sneak peek for the episode. They’re encouraging Tom to go up against a bull.

It’s not clear why this bull is around. Does the bull belong to the land-grabber? Maybe he belongs to the family trying to save their homestead but he needs to be put in his place. He doesn’t look happy about it, though.

Jerry’s nephews encourage Tom to deal with it. He puts on a brave face and attempts it, following each of their instructions. If you didn’t know they were supposed to be working together to help the cowgirl and her brother, you’d think that Jerry’s nephews were helping to keep Tom in trouble with others to protect themselves.

Take a look at the sneak peek for the new movie:

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What do you think of the Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up! sneak peek? Are you ready for the Wild Wild West with the two rivals? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up! is coming to DVD on Tuesday, Jan. 25. Pre-order the movie on Amazon now.