What time is As We See It on Prime Video?

As We See It -- Courtesy of Ali Goldstein/ Amazon Prime Video
As We See It -- Courtesy of Ali Goldstein/ Amazon Prime Video /

There’s a new Amazon Original Series arriving at the end of the week. As We See It is a must-watch for all, but what time can you start streaming it?

We’re ready for another new series on Amazon Prime Video. As We See It is that series.

It follows Jack, Harrison, and Violet. The two are 20 something roommates, and we get to see them figure out life. However, this is different to every other 20-something series you’ve watched before. They’re navigating the world while they’re all on the autism spectrum.

We get a chance to experience life through their eyes. We see them fall in love, get and keep jobs, and much more. All of this is in a world that eludes them, and they’ll need their families and other friends to help them and support them through setbacks while celebrating the successes.

As We See It release time on Prime Video

The new series is a global original. That’s great news for those of us in North America. The official release time is 12 a.m. GMT on Friday, Jan. 21, but the time zones work in our favor.

We’re likely to get the full season at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, Jan. 20. This isn’t always guaranteed, but there is a great chance of it happening. We’ve seen the likes of HannaThe Wheel of Time, and The Expanse release a little earlier than expected in the United States.

If the series doesn’t arrive early, we will get it by midnight local. Keep an eye on your listings.

There are eight episodes to the series. This is one of those shows that’s getting a full binge release, so you can use the entire weekend to stream the series. There’s no need to wait each week to see what happens next.

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As We See It is coming to Prime Video tonight.