What are The Expanse X-Ray episodes on Amazon Prime Video?


The Expanse Season 6 may be the shortest season yet, but there are some extra episodes to look out for. Get ready for The Expanse X-Ray episodes.

Getting fewer episodes than normal was certainly a disappointing blow, especially with The Expanse Season 6 being the last. However, the show has crafted some mini-episodes to help us get through this disappointment.

At the end of the first five episodes of the season, we’ll get individual episodes. The focus on different characters, adding a little more action and giving us a little more backstory and development for our favorite characters.

These episodes were something that Amazon requested. The series made it all work.

How to watch The Expanse X-Ray episodes

When you’ve watched each episode, you can go into “X-Ray” on Amazon Prime Video. This is available via all formats of watching Amazon Prime Video.

You’ll then be able to go to Bonus Content. That’s where the individual episodes show up. Just click on the episode available at the end of each individual main episode.

The first episode is titled “Ankawala,” and it features Naomi and Drummer. It’s a five-minute episode that fits into the world after the first episode. You can tell from the tension between the characters, so you’ll need to watch the Season 6 premiere first.

The episode is all about how the Belters believe in “one ship.” The episode is certainly important when it comes to Drummer’s potential storyline in the upcoming season. Make sure you check it out before watching the next episode.

Four more X-Ray episodes to watch

There are four more episodes to come after individual episodes of The Expanse. The second episode will focus on Avasarala. It’s unclear what it will be, but we’ll likely see some focus on her trouble to keep Inners safe.

The third one will see Amos and Bobbie on a mission together. It’s been fun to see their relationship develop, and we can’t wait for them to go on a mission together.

Clarissa and Holden will get the fourth and fifth episodes respectively. There are no hints about their episodes, likely to avoid spoilers for The Expanse Season 6.

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What do you think of The Expanse X-Ray episodes? What would you like to see from the characters? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Expanse Season 6 airs Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.