Who got engaged in the With Love Season 1 finale?

With Love -- Courtesy of Kevin Estrada/Amazon Prime Video
With Love -- Courtesy of Kevin Estrada/Amazon Prime Video /

Someone got engaged at the end of the With Love Season 1 finale. Who will it have been? We look at the three couples to figure it out.

At the end of With Love Season 1, Lily and Jorge’s grandmother told their mom that someone was getting engaged. What neither of them knew was who it would be.

We were left at the end with the women looking at the three couples. There wasn’t an answer. Just a question of which of the three would start (a hopeful) Season 2 with a big announcement. There’s a promise of a wedding in the second season.

So, who could it be? We look at the three couples to assess whether they were likely the ones proposing or being proposed to.

Who got engaged in the With Love Season 1 finale?

Lily and Santiago

It’s unlikely that these are the two getting engaged at the end of With Love Season 1. After all, their relationship was the newest, and we already heard Santiago’s view on marriage.

Sure, his view could change. Someone has clearly made some sort of sacrifice for them to be together. Would it be Lily considering her wish to be married at some point? Would it be Santiago considering he wasn’t against being with someone until the end, but just didn’t really have a positive view about signing the bit of paper to be legally married?

Either way, the celebrations at the end were just too early for Lily and Santiago to tie the knot.

Jorge and Henry

These two were just so adorable. Who didn’t love Henry dealing with Jorge’s family asking about bisexuality at the very beginning? This moment sold the series for me.

The two had been through a lot in With Love Season 1. At one point it looked like they would break up. In fact, it looked that way a couple of times. Jorge did move to LA for Henry, but neither of them really enjoyed their time there and they ended up moving back to Portland to be close to Jorge’s family.

This has set them up for a strong relationship in the future. They’ve talked things through, and they are on the same page when it comes to being together. It is possible that either one of them is ready to propose.

Sol and Miles

We also have to remember another special couple. Sol initially didn’t want to move to relationship status with Miles, but Santiago encouraged them to. Now, Sol and Miles have formed a great relationship, especially with Miles’s child after they and Sol had their own discussion on the Fourth of July.

There is a lot of hope for Sol and Miles. I could see the two working well together. While Henry and Jorge were together the longest, it sometimes feels like Sol and Miles were together longer. That may have been due to all the flirting beforehand.

We know Sol is interested in marriage. Will Miles want to get married again? That’s going to be a big question, especially when he fell away from the Catholic church due to the treatment of his child.

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