Is With Love Season 2 happening at Amazon Prime Video?

With Love -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
With Love -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

With Love focused on the Diaz family, as various people looked for love and purpose. Is there a chance that With Love Season 2 will happen?

There were certainly a fair few releases on Amazon Prime Video throughout December 2021. With Love was one of them. Initially promoted as a show that focused on Lily and Jorge Jr. Diaz, the series turned out to be far more than that.

It focused on the family as a whole. We got to see Lily and Jorge’s parents go through some troubling moments as they figured out how to keep the spark alive after so long. Then there was Sol, who started a new relationship with a doctor they worked with and had to navigate that. We even got to see a bit of Nick, Jorge’s best friend and roommate, who was an important part in Lily’s story.

Things ended with cliffhanger. It’s clear that we need more to this story, but will With Love Season 2 happen?

With Love Season 2 needs to happen at Amazon Prime Video

Everyone says that they want something different on their TV screens. Well, With Love is that. Not only is it inclusive in terms of identity and cultural representation, but it also focuses on different types of love and how that love transforms over time.

We get to see love as couples get older. Who doesn’t love Lily’s grandparents? We get to see couples making some serious compromises as they figure out whether they can be with one another for the future.

Not a lot of TV shows focus on couples going through normal things and working through them. If things get hard, we tend to see couples break up and get back together. Or messages are passed between friends. In this case, the couples show us the adult way of dealing with things, even if they’re a little childish about things at first.

Now it all depends on the viewership. Did enough people binge-watch it right away? That’s something we’ll be keeping an eye on. Hopefully, we’ll see some renewal news before the end of the year.

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What did you think of With Love? Would you like to see a second season happen? Let us know in the comments below.

With Love is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.