Is The Witcher Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video?

The Witcher Season 2 - Courtesy of Netflix/Jay Maidment
The Witcher Season 2 - Courtesy of Netflix/Jay Maidment /

The Witcher Season 2 arrived last week. While you can watch it on Netflix, you may want to know if it will come to Amazon Prime Video.

You can stream all eight episodes of The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix. But what if you don’t have that streaming platform? Yes, it is the most popular, but that doesn’t mean everyone has a Netflix subscription.

You have an Amazon Prime Video subscription, though. That means you’re looking at whether the series will arrive on this streaming platform.

If it doesn’t arrive for free, what about arriving on Digital? Will it be available to buy on Amazon Video?

The Witcher Season 2 will not come to Amazon Prime Video

Never say “never,” but there are extremely slim changes that The Witcher Season 2 will head to Amazon Prime Video. This is a Netflix Original Series. Why would Netflix share its original content with another streaming platform?

The show would only arrive on Amazon if something happens to Netflix (or vice versa). We’d need to look at Amazon and Netflix struggling to thrive and needing to join forces or buy each other out. Is that really going to happen considering how popular both companies are?

The Witcher Season 2 won’t come to Digital

It’s also not likely to head to Digital. The first season hasn’t gained a Digital release. It hasn’t even gained a DVD and Blu-ray release. If either of those were going to happen, they would have arrived in December 2020. We usually find Netflix shows that do get the DVD releases a year after the releases on Netflix.

It’s unlikely to see Season 2 head to any method where we can purchase it. This just doesn’t make a lot of business sense for Netflix. So, when the contract allows, Netflix is going to avoid the purchase releases as much as possible.

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The Witcher Season 2 is only available on Netflix.