Will The Witcher come to DVD and Blu-ray?

The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes /

You love The Witcher, but you don’t want to keep the Netflix subscription. Will the fantasy series ever come to DVD and Blu-ray to purchase?

You’ve binge-watched the entire first season of The Witcher on Netflix. Now you want to keep watching it, but you don’t want to pay for the ongoing Netflix subscription. What better way to watch The Witcher than on DVD or Blu-ray? Will that be possible, though?

It’s hard to say right now. Some Netflix shows certainly do come to DVD and Blu-ray. The Crown, House of Cards, and Fuller House are all among the big Netflix Originals to get the Netflix treatment. This can often depend on the production companies, but it can also be linked to how well the shows are perceived. It’s hard to tell why Netflix makes some of its decisions.

Considering the popularity of The Witcher, it wouldn’t be that surprising to see it come to DVD in the future. It will probably only be on DVD, though. The Blu-ray copy means better quality and Netflix will want to keep that for itself.

That DVD release is likely to be in a year’s time. That would follow the pattern of other Netflix Originals that have come to DVD. The Witcher could be an excellent Christmas present next year or maybe it’s one of those just after Christmas. Sometimes, the release is shortly after that of the next season. Since we’re looking at 2021 for The Witcher Season 2, it’s possible that the DVD won’t come until February 2021 at the earliest.

If the series does have to DVD, we’re looking at only the individual episodes being available. There aren’t usually any bonus features, so Netflix subscribers don’t feel like they’re missing out.

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What do you think of The Witcher? Will you buy it on DVD if it arrives? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Witcher is available to stream on Netflix.