Will there be more Yearly Departed specials on Amazon Prime Video?

Yearly Departed 2 -- Erin Simkin/Amazon Prime Video
Yearly Departed 2 -- Erin Simkin/Amazon Prime Video /

Amazon Prime Video has brought us another Yearly Departed special. Will there be more specials to arrive in 2022 and beyond?

Every year there are things that we won’t miss. Or there are ways to take advantage of bad things that happen. We didn’t think there was going to be much to enjoy about the lookback at 2020, but Amazon Prime Video brought us Yearly Departed.

While 2021 was a little better, there were still things to dislike; moments we wanted to forget. Yearly Departed 2 has been a chance to laugh at the bad and find humor in the darkness.

Will Amazon bring more Yearly Departed specials?

Is there a chance that we’ll get more of these specials in later years? Will Amazon Prime Video bring us more hilarious looks back at the years, even as the pandemic finally comes to an end and we get back to some sort of normalcy?

It is possible. It would make sense for Amazon Prime Video to keep this special. After all, even good years have bad moments.

This isn’t just a good special to bring us some humor. It’s also a chance to highlight excellent female comedians. Some of them you may have never heard about, and so this is a chance to get to know other female comedians to follow.

It’s all doing to depend on how the ratings have been. Have the specials been strong enough to warrant bringing more of them? Have enough people tuned in to watch the specials or subscribed to Amazon Prime Video purposely to watch the specials? If there isn’t enough of a viewership, Amazon won’t spend the money on more specials.

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What do you think of the Yearly Departed specials? Would you like to see more each year? Let us know in the comments below.

Yearly Departed is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.