With Love is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight

With Love -- Courtesy of Kevin Estrada/Amazon Prime Video
With Love -- Courtesy of Kevin Estrada/Amazon Prime Video /

Want a series you can binge-watch? Amazon Prime Video has you covered this weekend. With Love is coming to Prime Video tonight.

Amazon is moving away from the binge-watch release, but it’s not scrapped it completely. Just last month, Hanna Season 3 dropped as a full binge-watch. Now Amazon is bringing another show.

All five episodes of With Love will drop tonight. It’s a global original, so look out for it at midnight GMT. The great news is time zones work in our favor.

Amazon tends to release global originals at around 7 p.m. ET the night before. You will likely find the five episodes are available to stream tonight, Thursday, Dec. 16. This isn’t guaranteed but it does happen more often than it doesn’t.

The global release isn’t happening all at once. Not all territories and countries will get it, and this could affect the release in North America tonight.

What to expect on With Love

The new series comes from Gloria Calderón Kellett and it focuses on one family at various holidays during the year. The main focus is on Lily and Jorge Jr. Diaz. These siblings are on a mission to find their purposes in life while also finding love.

They’ll run into various people throughout the different holiday seasons. Look out for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and even Fourth of July. There is also an episode that focuses on Dia de los Muertos. Each episode is a different holiday.

While also looking at the siblings, we’ll get to see other people in the entire family. Don’t forget their parents trying to keep the spark alive in their older years! We’ll get to see how they do that in the midst of all the holiday stress.

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With Love is coming to Amazon Prime Video tonight.