The Wheel of Time Season 1, Episode 5 is coming to Amazon tonight

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After Nynaeve’s show of power, Moiraine may want to double-check that she’s not the Dragon Reborn. The next part of The Wheel of Time is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.

The wait is almost over for the next episode of The Wheel of Time. We have a lot of questions after the ending to Episode 4, so thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer to hopefully get some answers.

The Wheel of Time Episode 5 drops at midnight GMT on Friday, Dec. 3. That’s the official time, but we know that time zones work in our favor. Look out for the episode to drop at around 7 p.m. tonight, Thursday, Dec. 2. There’s no guarantee of this but it does happen a lot more than it doesn’t.

What to expect on The Wheel of Time Episode 5

The new episode will pick up where the last one left us. Nynaeve has given us (and the Aes Sedai) a huge show of power. This could just be her coming into her natural power and the fact that she was so stressed, scared, and upset after everything that happened to people she’d come to care about. It could also be a hint that she is the real Dragon Reborn.

It looks like the false Dragon Reborn realized that he isn’t the one harnessing the real power. The whispers are signs that he’s going mad rather than embracing the powers. He saw Nynaeve’s show of power as a brightness like the sun.

Will Moiraine believe that Nynaeve could be the Dragon Reborn? It’s certainly possible, but she also needs to find the other four she’s sure could be the real Dragon Reborn. They are scattered in a dangerous place right now.

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The Wheel of Time Season 1, Episode 5 is on Amazon Prime Video tonight.