Upload Season 2 isn’t coming to Amazon in December 2021

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Aaron Epstein/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Aaron Epstein/Amazon Studios /

We hoped that we’d get a Christmas miracle, but clearly, it just hasn’t been possible. Upload Season 2 isn’t on the list of December releases on Amazon Prime Video.

When we learned that Upload Season 2 filming had wrapped earlier this year, we had hoped it would mean good news. Was there a chance that we’d get the season before the end of 2021? We held onto the hope until we saw the list of arrivals on Amazon Prime Video in December.

This is where there was some bad news. We’ve double-checked the list but couldn’t find Upload on there anywhere.

In a way, this isn’t too surprising. Recently, we did get the warning not to expect the show until 2022. It looks like this is one where the post-production work really does take some time.

Upload Season 2 release date predictions

There are still no hints at when the season could arrive on Amazon Prime Video. There is a chance that the show could arrive in early 2022.

However, Amazon is going to want to think carefully about release schedules. There have been a fair few Amazon shows that have wrapped filming and are in post-production right now. We’re looking at the likes of The WildsCarnival Row, and The Boys.

Amazon won’t want to release everything at the same time. It needs to space out the content available, which could mean there’s a delay for some of our favorite shows. This could mean Upload Season 2 is held until around May or June 2022. It’s going to depend on what’s ready first, though.

We definitely can’t wait for the second season. There have been a lot of questions left over after the end of the first season, and we’re hoping the second season brings some answers. Will we find out who killed Nathan?

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Upload is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Upload Season 2.