What is Burning on Amazon Prime Video about?

Before COVID-19, 2020 wasn’t a great year for many people. Burning on Amazon Prime Video will look into the Black Summer in Australia.

It may be the end of November, but there are still some great releases still to come. One of those is Burning, a documentary that will drop on Monday, Nov. 29.

Before you start watching anything, you want to know what the potential movie or show is about. Now you want to know what to expect from this documentary on Amazon Prime Video. What exactly is it about?

Burning is about the Australian wildfires

Think back to 2020. The start of 2020. This is before the pandemic became a pandemic.

There was something else in the news a lot. It was all about the Australian wildfires. Yes, Australia is known for wildfires, but the summer of 2019 and 2020 (remember, Australia’s seasons are the opposite to ours!) ended up giving the country the worst wildfires ever seen.

It was absolutely devastating. Hundreds of animals were killed or harmed, and homes were destroyed all around the country. Lives were lost as people fought back the fires and did everything they could.

The worst thing about it all was that people could see it coming. Many had warned the government of things to come, and the government sat back and did nothing. Burning looks into that. It looks at the lead-up to the wildfires and the calls for change to help reverse or at least stall climate change.

There’s a look at the catastrophe, and then there’s the damage that it caused throughout and even after. There are going to be moments that aren’t easy to watch. The trailer has some of those moments. However, it’s an important documentary to watch as it sheds a light on climate change and what climate change is doing.

Burning is on Amazon Prime Video on Monday, Nov. 29.