All the Amazon Originals coming in November 2021

The Wheel of Time -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Wheel of Time -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

November 2021 is packed with new original content on Amazon Prime Video. Here’s a look at all the Amazon Originals arriving throughout the month.

It’s been a quiet few months when it comes to original content on Amazon. Filming delays during 2020 meant that there’s been a delay in bringing the great content to Amazon Prime Video. We’re starting to get to the other side of that.

November 2021 sees the release of 12 new Amazon Originals. Eleven of those were on the original list of new arrivals on Amazon in November. The last has just snuck its way onto our radar with the release of the trailer.

We’re taking a look at each of the new originals so you know what’s coming. The list is in release date order.

All the Amazon Originals arriving on Amazon Prime Video next month

The first set of releases are on Friday, Nov. 5.

The Electrical Life of Louis Wain: Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Louis Wain, an eccentric British artist who helped change the view of cats forever through his psychedelic pictures. The movie follows him from the late 1800s to the 1930s to see how his art transformed.

Tampa Baes: This docuseries follows a group of lesbian friends in Tampa Bay. We get to see their partying adventures, along with the stereotypes and labels forced on them. It’s time for the women to get real with each other.

Pete the Cat: New episodes of the popular kids series are on their way during the month. The series needs no introduction. Tell your kids that there are new episodes and they’ll be glued to the screen to see what Pete and his friends are up to.

A Man Named Scott: This is the newest arrival to the list and wasn’t included in the full list for November. We take a look inside Scott Mescudi’s, aka Kid Cudi, debut LP. It’s full of genre-bending songs that will break down barriers, focusing on depression, anxiety, and loneliness. The trailer gives us a great look at what to expect from this documentary.

The next set of releases are on Friday, Nov. 12

Always Jane: Jane Nourey lives with her family in New Jersey. She’s just like any teenager, trying to balance friends, school, and family. However, it’s not quite the same as most people. She lives in a rural part of New Jersey, which brings other expectations.

Mayor Pete: Pete Buttigieg is on the campaign to become the youngest U.S. President. In this documentary, we get a look inside his campaign, which included help from his husband Chasten. It’s a look at the highs and lows, and the difficulties in being who he really is. He is the first openly LGBTQ Cabinet member in U.S. history, and there has to be a lot more good to come for him.

The next shows are released on Friday, Nov. 19

The Wheel of Time: One of the biggest releases of the whole year has to be The Wheel of Time. It’s based on the fantasy series by Robert Jordan, with the first season following the first book. Aes Sedai is an incredible all-female organization in this world. Moiraine is a member and she heads to Two Rivers, a small town, to embark on a dangerous but awe-inspiring journey. Episodes will be released weekly after the first three drop on Nov. 19.

Everybody Loves Natti: There are a lot of documentaries coming this month, and one of those is focused on Natti Natasha, the Latin singing sensation who has amassed billions of views on YouTube. This is the first time she’s sharing details of her personal life, including the relationship she has with her manager Raphy Pina.

The last of these release between Nov. 24 and Nov. 29 with exact dates included in the listings.

Hanna: The third season of Hanna is out on Friday, Nov. 24. It picks up where the second season left off. Hanna and Marissa are looking for a way to bring down Utrax from the inside. However, they’ll learn the horrifying scope of the operation and it’s time to find out who has been behind it this entire time.

Do, Re & Mi Holiday Special: Merry Nestivus: There’s another release for the children. It’s time for the holidays in Beebopsburgh, and Do, Re, and Mi will head to Music Mountain to bring snow back to their friends. They find musical gifts along the way, but can they save Nestivus with snow? The special drops on Wednesday, Nov. 24.

Anni da cane (Dog Years): This is all about Stella, a clumsy but imaginative teenage girl. After she’s involved in a car accident with a dog, she decides to start counting her age in dog years, which means when she turns 16, she’s actually turning 100. She doesn’t think there’s much time left, so she needs to get through her bucket list before her time comes to an end. The movie drops on Friday, Nov. 26.

Burning: The last of the Amazon Originals is from Eva Orner and takes a look at the 2019-2020 bushfires in Australia. You’ll remember them. It was all over the news before COVID-19 talk took over, and it’s something that has continued the push for change due to climate change happening. Watch the movie on Monday, Nov. 29.

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