Is Clara the twins’ mom on I Know What You Did Last Summer?

I Know What You Did Last Summer -- Courtesy of Michael Desmond/Amazon Prime Video
I Know What You Did Last Summer -- Courtesy of Michael Desmond/Amazon Prime Video /

Bruce has a secret and it seemed to connect to Clara on I Know What You Did Last Summer. Is Clara the twins’ biological mother?

There have been a lot of secrets on I Know What You Did Last Summer, and not just by the teenagers involved in the accident. The adults of the town have their own secrets. Bruce is the worst for them.

Not only is he keeping Allison’s identity a secret and pretending she’s Lennon, but he also has a deep secret from the past. We learned about a secret during the fifth hour of the series, and that Lennon knew the truth. It would be during Episode 6 that we’d get the full truth.

It all seemed to point to the idea that Clara was the twins’ biological mother. Is that the way it’s played out?

Clara is not the twins’ biological mother on I Know What You Did Last Summer

It turns out the story hasn’t gone for the obvious cliche. However, Bruce and Clara do know each other well. Bruce used to be part of the cult that Clara is still involved in, and Bruce wants every aspect of his involvement in the cult to disappear. That’s not going to happen.

Allison has also learned the full truth about Bruce’s secret. It turns out that her mom didn’t die by suicide after all. The twins’ mom isn’t even dead!

The mom ran away. That’s what Lennon meant when she told Allison that their mom didn’t love them. How does a mother just abandon her children?

Bruce opted for the death by suicide story because it was apparently easier to explain to his eight-year-old daughters. There are a lot of questions about that, but I can sort of see where he got that idea from. I’m not condoning it, though.

It does open the door now for more mysteries to unfold. If Allison and Lennon’s mom is out there, is she the one who is killing everyone? Presumably she went back to the cult, and that should mean Clara has said something about Lennon’s death. Is the mom going to suddenly show up? Is that why other members of the town are ending up dead?

This would connect to the original story. In the second movie, the victim’s son eventually showed up as the killer. In the books, it’s the brother who is the killer. You gotta keep it all in the family, right?

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