Jack Ryan Season 3 is not coming to Amazon in November 2021

Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Amazon Studios
Jack Ryan -- Photo credit: Jonny Cournoyer/Amazon Studios /

We’re still waiting for the arrival of Jack Ryan Season 3. It’s not happening in November 2021, but when can we expect it on Amazon Prime Video?

One of the biggest knock-on effects the pandemic has had is to the release dates of our favorite shows. With productions shutting down around the world throughout 2020, many shows have found themselves behind in the schedule. Release dates have been pushed back much later than we’d like.

We double-checked the list of November releases on Amazon Prime Video, but sadly, Jack Ryan Season 3 was definitely not there. That wasn’t all too surprising. When Amazon confirmed the renewal of the show for Season 4, we didn’t get a release date. If it was coming next month, we’d have known about it.

Jack Ryan Season 3 release date predictions

Don’t expect the show to arrive in 2021. It’s looking less and less likely that is possible. We can’t really say when in 2022 Jack Ryan Season 3 could arrive, but we’re sure it’s going to be some time next year.

One of the problems has been the fact that the series films around the world. Different countries have different COVID-19 protocols, and there are different crews, directors, and more involved in each of the sets. It makes filming difficult and unpredictable.

The show has also seen some showrunner changes. Carlton Cuse stepped down as showrunner with David Scarpa originally on board to take over. He stepped down and Prison Break‘s Paul Scheuring was going to take over. Now we have Vaun Wilmott as showrunner for the series.

Filming is happening, though. The show’s production team is extremely tight-lipped about this series, though, so it’s hard to get any information about it.

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Jack Ryan is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned for the latest updates about Jack Ryan Season 3.