Does the twins’ dad learn the truth on I Know What You Did Last Summer?

While the friends can’t tell the difference between the twins, their dad can. Does he learn the truth on I Know What You Did Last Summer?

Caution: There are spoilers from the first two episodes of I Know What You Did Last Summer on Amazon Prime Video.

During the first episode, we found out the change the series brought to the basic story. The teens didn’t hit a stranger. Instead, they hit one of the identical twins, and only the twin knows the truth. The teens can’t tell the difference between them.

Of course, the twins’ dads can tell the difference. As soon as Allison gets home, he knows it’s her despite her wearing Lennon’s jacket. It looks like the story of Allison running away can’t work the way the teens wanted.

How did the dad react when he learned the truth on I Know What You Did Last Summer?

Something we learn in the first episode is that Lennon is their dad’s favorite. It’s a sticking point for the twins. It’s not like the dad later denies loving Lennon more than Allison.

Rather than trying to pretend she’s her sister, Allison breaks down and immediately tells her dad the truth. She tells her dad about accidentally hitting and killing Lennon and then putting Lennon’s body in the cave. She also tells him that the other teens believe that she’s Lennon.

Allison says that she’ll go to the police and turn herself in. She knows her dad will hate her and she deserves the prison sentence she’ll get.

However, her dad tells her not to. He’s already lost one daughter and he can’t lose another to prison. He also tells her to continue pretending to be Allison. They both decide that Allison will need to pretend to be Lennon for the rest of her life.

It certainly looks like Bruce loves Lennon more than Allison if he’s willing to pretend she’s the one still alive.

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