5 good movies on Amazon for Hump Day: September 29, 2021

Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth in BIRDS OF PARADISE
Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth in BIRDS OF PARADISE /

We are entering the final hump for September, and Amazon is here to get you through. As always, there is a vast number of movies on Amazon to keep you entertained during the midweek slump.

As we head into October, there are a lot of new releases coming your way on Amazon, and we have the October 2021 list ready for you. Welcome to Blumhouse will release its four horror movies, and I Know What You Did Last Summer YA horror series is also releasing, both just in time for Halloween scares.

Until then, we have some great suggestions below of must-watch movies on Amazon for Hump Day.

5 must-watch movies on Amazon for September 29, 2021

Birds of Paradise

A newly released Amazon original is Birds of Paradise. This film is a drama based upon the novel Bright Burning Stars by A.K. Small.

This film follows ballet student Kate, who receives a scholarship to a French ballet school. She is pit against the best dancer in the school, and the two are vying for the one top spot at the largest ballet company in France. Will they become friends, or is the competition too divisive to allow for a friendship to blossom?

Check out the official trailer below to get the feel of what this film is all about.

The Voyeurs

The erotic thriller The Voyeurs was released this month on Amazon and if you enjoyed films like Rear Window and Body Double, be sure to check this one out.

Pippa and Thomas move into a new apartment and notice their windows look directly into their neighbors. What starts as fun voyeuristic curiosity quickly turns disastrous when they start meddling in the lives of their neighbors.

The film stars Sydney Sweeney, Justice Smith, Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo and was written and directed by Michael Mohan.

Jennifer’s Body 

Jennifer’s Body is a horror-comedy that was released in 2009. Recently, the star of the film, Megan Fox, has been propelled back into the limelight, and so has this film, thanks to social media.

Fox plays Jennifer, a high school cheerleader, who becomes possessed by a demon and then proceeds to devour her male classmates. Her best friend Anita “Needy” (Amanda Seyfried) does everything to stop her friend.

We are told the story from Needy’s perspective in a flashback as she is confined to a mental hospital.

Starring Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, Johnny Simmons, Kyle Gallner, J.K. Simmons, Adam Brody, Amy Sedaris and Chris Pratt.

HellBoy (2004)

The superhero film Hellboy is written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, so you know it is a good one. The story is based on the Dark Horse Comics graphic novel Hellboy: Seed of Destruction written by Mike Mignola.

Ron Perman plays the titular character in this superhero film. Hellboy was discovered at the end of WWII when Nazis attempted to open a portal to a paranormal dimension. They planned to utilize this dimension to destroy their Allies but instead, a baby demon, dubbed Hellboy, was summoned.

Sixty years later, the adult Hellboy works for the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. He and his partners, Abe Sapien (Doug Jones), a merman with psychic powers, and Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), a woman with pyrokinesis, work to protect the US against dark forces.

This film also stars Rupert Evans, John Hurt, Brian Steele, Jeffrey Tambor and Karel Roden.

Black Pumpkin

The film Black Pumpkin is a tall twisted tale that is truly a B horror film. With Halloween season quickly approaching, horror fans must add a few B movies to their horror viewing list.

A single mother and her children unknowingly move into a home that was used for some gristly murders ten years prior. When her son and his friends film a documentary, they accidentally provoke Bloody Bobby, the entity responsible for the murders.

The film pays homage to many of its horror predecessors, complete with a Halloween-inspired score.

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Which movies on Amazon are you watching today? Let us know in the comments below.

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