What time are the Welcome to Blumhouse movies coming to Amazon?

Adriana Barraza stars in BINGO HELLPhoto: Brian Roedel© 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC
Adriana Barraza stars in BINGO HELLPhoto: Brian Roedel© 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC /

The first two movies from the Welcome to Blumhouse 2021 releases drop at the end of the week. What time can you stream them on Amazon?

After the success of the four movies in 2020, Welcome to Blumhouse is back for another round of movies. Two movies are dropped on Friday, Oct. 1 and two more will arrive on Friday, Oct. 8. All of them are certainly going to be worth the watch if you’re a horror movie fan.

Black as Night and Bingo Hell are the two movies dropping on Friday, Oct. 1. Black as Night follows a vampire storyline, a staple for horror movies and shows. Bingo Hell sees the arrival of a new person to run a senior community hall, and the seniors certainly start to get suspicious.

Now you’ll want to know when you can stream the movies. Do you have to stay up all that late to watch? Here’s everything you need to know.

Welcome to Blumhouse 2021 Part 1 release time on Amazon Prime Video

The movies are global originals. This is important to note as it affects the release time. Global originals arrive at midnight GMT, and time zones usually work in our favor.

There’s a good chance that Bingo Hell and Black as Night will arrive on Amazon Prime Video at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on Thursday, Sept. 30. This isn’t guaranteed, but it does happen more often than it doesn’t. If the movies aren’t available right away, keep checking up until midnight, and make sure you go into the titles for them as they don’t always reach the front page straight away.

If the movies aren’t available early, they will be there by midnight local on Friday, Oct. 1. However, you should be able to get through one of the movies before the official release date.

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Welcome to Blumhouse 2021 Part 1, Bingo Hell and Black as Night, are coming to Amazon on Friday, Oct. 1.