One Night in Miami DVD release date set for December 2021

One Night in Miami -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios
One Night in Miami -- Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Not many Amazon Original Movies come to DVD and Blu-ray, but the one here and there does. One Night in Miami is one of those movies heading to DVD and Blu-ray. The One Night in Miami DVD release date is set.

Amazon doesn’t release a lot of its own movies on DVD and Blu-ray. With so many streaming platforms, it doesn’t make sense. The streamer will want to keep as much content exclusive to the service as it can.

By releasing movies on DVD and Blu-ray, viewers don’t have a reason to keep their subscriptions going.

However, there are some movies that will come to DVD and Blu-ray. This is due to the deals with the production studios as Amazon just handles the distribution. This is why One Night in Miami is coming to DVD and Blu-ray.

One Night in Miami DVD release date

There’s still a bit of a wait for the One Night in Miami DVD release date. The official date is set for Tuesday, Dec. 7.

You can preorder the One Night in Miami DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon right now. With this, you land the price guarantee, so it doesn’t matter how low the price drops or the price you choose to pay at pre-order. You’ll get it at the lowest price up to the release date.

Can’t wait until December to get the movie? You can still watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Even with the DVD release, it’s going to be available on Amazon Prime Video for good. This is an Amazon Original Movie so it won’t go anywhere.

There isn’t a Digital release date just yet. This is probably part of the agreement. Offering it to buy on Digital via Amazon Video would encourage more people to leave Amazon Prime Video to watch it.

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The One Night in Miami DVD is coming on Tuesday, Dec. 7.