Can you watch One Night in Miami on Amazon Prime Video?

ALDIS HODGE and LESLIE ODOM JR. star in ONE NIGHT IN MIAMIPhoto: Patti PerretCourtesy of Amazon Studios
ALDIS HODGE and LESLIE ODOM JR. star in ONE NIGHT IN MIAMIPhoto: Patti PerretCourtesy of Amazon Studios /

Now that the Oscar nominations for 2021 have been announced, you want to watch the Best Picture noms. Is One Night in Miami on Amazon?

I’m not the biggest fan of the Academy Awards. The one good thing that comes from it is there’s usually a movie or two that slipped by that I get to watch. I get the chance to see what the Awarding body sees.

One Night in Miami is possibly one of the movies for many people this year. It didn’t get as much attention as some of the big Warner Bros. movies, and now you want to know where you’re turning to for it.

With so many streaming services, it has to be on one of them, right? Could Amazon be the place to watch One Night in Miami? You’re in for some good news.

One Night in Miami is an Amazon Original Movie

The movie is one of the newest on the list of Best Picture nominations. It also has two other nominations, with Leslie Odom Jr. getting a nomination for Best Supporting Actor and the song “Speak Now” being nominated for Best Original Song.

You can watch One Night in Miami on Amazon. In fact, that’s the only place to watch it right now. It may come to DVD and Blu-ray in the future, but it’s unlikely to come to Digital.

It’s an Amazon Original Movie, so this is one of those movies that isn’t going anywhere. You’ve got time to watch it before the Oscars in April.

What is One Night in Miami about?

As the title suggests, the movie takes place over one night in, well, Miami! It follows four of the most influential Black men in America during the 1960s. They are all angry at segregation and the treatment of their people, but what can they do about it?

Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali), and Jim Brown join together to see flaws in their own actions and find a way to bring change. But this isn’t really about the movie, and more about the skillful acting, the directing abilities of Regina King, and the script. Everything comes together to create a powerful movie that will speak volumes for the decades to come.

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One Night in Miami is available to stream with a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Video.