Birds of Paradise ending explained: Who won the grand prize?

Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth in BIRDS OF PARADISE
Diana Silvers and Kristine Froseth in BIRDS OF PARADISE /

Birds of Paradise brought us a story of two dancers competing for one grand prize. Who would take home the prize in the end?

While there were many dancers competing, Birds of Paradise focused on two main ballerinas: Marine and Kate. They were both supposed to be competitors, but they struck up a friendship. That was until one of them broke away.

At first, they made a pact that they’d both have to win or neither of them at all. Two ballerinas had never won the grand prize in the past. The prizes when to the best male dancer and the best female dancer. That really wasn’t going to change, and Kate knew that deep down.

When she figured out that the would of ballet was never going to be fair, she thought back on everything of the past few weeks. She realized that Marine’s family had pulled the scholarship (unhappy that it went to a female and not a male) and that her dad had to sell his house to pay for her tuition. She also realized that Marine’s family had bribed the judges to make sure Marine would win.

Did Kate win the grand prize on Birds of Paradise?

Who would end up winning? Kate decided to sabotage some of Marine’s efforts. She spread an awful rumor that led to Marine heading to one of the bridges and contemplate suicide. She didn’t jump in the end, but it did help her make a decision about her own future.

Marine danced a solo rather than a partner dance. It meant Kate was partnered with Phillippe for the last dance, but it also made Marine stand out. And she put on quite a show with her performance.

Phillippe won the prize for the boys, but what about the girls? Would Marine’s risk pay off?

We’ll never actually know. Marine decided that she didn’t want the prize after all. Her mom threatened to cut her off if she did that, and Marine just walked away. The prize automatically went to Kate, but we don’t know if Kate was always going to win it or not.

Picking up three years later

The very end of the movie picks things up three years later after Kate performs on stage. Marine is there, and shares that she doesn’t blame Kate for everything that happened. It took time to get to the point that she is, but she feels good and is happy.

Kate doesn’t understand why Marine isn’t angry with her. Kate regrets everything that she did to win the competition. However, Marine is at a good place of acceptance now. She performs at The Jungle, the place they would all go when competing in the competition. Marine has choreographed a number there.

The ending is of Kate performing that dance at The Jungle.

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Birds of Paradise is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.