Is The Voyeurs 2 happening at Amazon?

Ben Hardy stars in The Voyeurs
Ben Hardy stars in The Voyeurs /

The Voyeurs is a twisty thriller that left us with a few questions. Will The Voyeurs 2 happen on Amazon to offer some answers?

Let’s quickly cover some of the big questions we have after The Voyeurs 2. Did Pippa get away with everything she did? What happened to Seb and Julia after being blinded? Were Seb and Julia’s future tenants protected from being spied on because of their blindness?

Those are just some of the bigger questions. There are a lot of smaller ones, and The Voyeurs 2 would help to cover some of those questions.

So, will a second movie happen? Do we really need a second movie, or can we be left with unanswered questions because that’s the nature of some thrillers? Let’s take a look at the chances of a second movie happening.

There are no plans for The Voyeurs 2 on Amazon

Right now, The Voyeurs 2 isn’t on the cards right now. Director Michael Mohan isn’t known for sequels to his movies when you look at One Too Many Mornings and Two Weeks with a Love.

The thriller genre also isn’t known for that many sequels. Sure, Basic Instinct spawned sequels, but most others never have. You get what you get, and that’s it. The characters go off into the sunset or live with the consequences of their actions.

The problem with this movie is there are too many plot holes to really feel like the movie is complete. My biggest questions are all about Pippa. Just how did she get away with what happened?

It looks like she just gets to walk away with no consequences after her act of revenge. That seems implausible, and this is where there’s the opportunity for a sequel. We could see Julia and Seb find a way to enact their own revenge after being blinded. Maybe they could have friends who are on their side; friends who would be willing to get back at Pippa for everything she did.

For now, we’re going to be left with these plot holes. The Voyeurs 2 doesn’t look like it’s happening.

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The Voyeurs is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.