The biggest question we have about Pippa on The Voyeurs

Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith star in The Voyeurs
Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith star in The Voyeurs /

The Voyeurs took us on a twisty tale filled with affairs and death. There’s one question about Pippa’s story at the very end of the movie.

When Thomas decided he couldn’t keep spying on his neighbors, Pippa couldn’t leave well enough alone. She just had to tell Julia that Seb was having an affair, and it led to some major consequences.

It turned out that Julia and Seb had been playing Pippa and Thomas the whole time. They both owned the apartment Pippa and Thomas rented, and they were watching Pippa and Thomas the entire time. They knew exactly what Pippa and Thomas were doing.

In the end, Pippa decided to get revenge, especially when she realized that Thomas’s suicide probably wasn’t suicide. Why else were birds dying from drinking the water left outside? However, Pippa’s revenge act leaves a major question.

Did Pippa get away with everything on The Voyeurs?

Pippa manages to lead Seb and Julia into her workplace at the end of The Voyeurs. It’s right where she wants them, especially since she’s managed to spike their drinks with the drug she’s sure Julia used on Thomas. Both Julia and Seb are knocked out, giving Pippa time to enact her revenge. She doesn’t want them dead. Instead, she takes their sight by setting the laser machine too high.

The act of revenge is great. Why kill when you can make two narcissistic artists blind? Make it impossible for them to do their work and spy on their renters ever again.

But did Pippa get away with it all? Wouldn’t Seb and Julia just tell everyone what happened? They could claim Pippa was crazy and couldn’t accept Thomas would kill himself. Sure, they don’t have proof, but how did Pippa manage to get their drugged bodies out of her workplace without people seeing?

Where were Seb and Julia found blind? Wouldn’t there be a reading on the machine in the database to say what had happened? With the artwork and the interview about the contract, surely Seb and Julia could use it to show Pippa had motive for an attack.

The movie ends with Pippa taking one last look at Seb and Julia before walking away. It’s almost like she’s leaving everything behind, but is that because she’s going to live a life on the run? Pippa doesn’t seem like the type of woman who can manage that, which suggests she has a job somewhere. Does she still have her job at the opticians?

The movie was great all the way up to the end. It just wrapped up a little too neatly without understanding if there were any consequences for Pippa on The Voyeurs.

dark. Next. What really happened to Thomas on The Voyeurs?

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