The Voyeurs ending explained: What was happening between Julie and Seb?

Natasha Liu Bordizzo stars in The Voyeurs - Courtesy of Bertrand Calmeau/Amazon
Natasha Liu Bordizzo stars in The Voyeurs - Courtesy of Bertrand Calmeau/Amazon /

When a young couple moves into a new apartment, they are distracted by their neighbors. How did The Voyeurs on Amazon Prime Video end?

Pippa and Thomas think moving into their apartment together is just the start of their new life together. Well, it is, but it’s not the life they likely expected.

They realize they can see into their neighbor’s apartment. It doesn’t take long for Pippa and Thomas to become obsessed by the couple, even going as far as managing to find a way to hear everything these neighbors are talking about.

When they believe Seb is having an affair, they argue over whether to tell Julia or not. And they argue over whether to keep watching and listening. Pippa can’t help it, though. She feels like it’s important to tell Julia the truth so Julia can do with that what she will.

Julia and Seb weren’t the only ones being watched on The Voyeurs

It turns out that Julia and Seb weren’t the only ones being watched on The Voyeurs. They knew they were being watched. They had cameras set up already watching into the apartment that it turned out they owned. Pippa and Thomas didn’t realize it but they were the ones being watched.

The two faked a fight, and they faked Julia’s suicide. This led to Thomas leaving but eventually coming back. He caught Pippa with Seb and hanged himself. It was all caught on camera for an exhibition.

As Pippa packed up and pulled the bird hanger her boss gave her as a home-warming gift, she saw a bunch of dead birds. She then realized that Julia must have drugged Thomas and made it look like Thomas hanged himself. Of course, Seb and Julia didn’t admit to this, but the story is there in our minds.

What happened to Julia and Seb?

What really happened to the couple Pippa thought she was watching? Deciding to get revenge, Pippa sent a bottle of wine to them. Of course, Julia and Seb drank it. Realizing that Pippa was watching them again, they saw where she was and followed her to Pippa’s workplace.

Once in there, the drugged wine took effect. While passed out from the drugs, Pippa got Seb and Julia to the laser machine. Turned up, she was able to blind them both.

We’re left seeing new renters in Pippa and Thomas’s apartment who realize they can see into Seb and Julia’s apartment. However, they’re not watching anything sexual happening now. Pippa is watching them from the rooftop of the apartment, pleased with her actions. She leaves her binoculars behind, and we’re left to believe that she’s managing to get on with her life with nobody knowing what she’s really done.

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