What happened to Thomas on The Voyeurs?

Justice Smith and Sydney Sweeney star in The Voyeurs - Courtesy of Bertrand Calmeau/Amazon
Justice Smith and Sydney Sweeney star in The Voyeurs - Courtesy of Bertrand Calmeau/Amazon /

Things escalated considerably fast on The Voyeurs on Amazon Prime Video. What exactly happened to Thomas when he returned to get Pippa back?

Thomas and Pippa had their own lives ahead of them. They’d just moved into an apartment together, and they were ready to make the most of their new start. However, things took a dangerous turn when they realized they could see into their neighbors’ apartment.

Pippa and Thomas soon become obsessed watching Seb and Julia. However, Thomas called it off when he realized Seb was having affairs. He didn’t want to be part of that, but Pippa couldn’t leave well enough alone.

After Julia’s apparent suicide, Thomas left. He couldn’t be with Pippa anymore. However, he had a change of heart and returned with flowers only to see Pippa and Seb together in Seb’s apartment. When Pippa returned home the next morning she found Thomas had hanged himself.

Did Thomas really kill himself on The Voyeurs?

While Thomas was hurt, suicide didn’t seem like something he would do on The Voyeurs. Naturally, we only got to know him through the movie’s development, but it just seemed so out of character for him. And Pippa even felt the same.

We never got full confirmation from Julia and Seb, but Pippa had a theory. After seeing dead birds from when they’d been drinking out of the water house her boss had given her, Pippa realized that Thomas had likely been drugged. Since Julia and Seb had been watching them, they’d have known Thomas would have drunk the green drink in the fridge.

Pippa theorized that Julia had drugged the drink. That would have knocked Thomas out relatively quickly, allowing Julia to hang Thomas and make it look like he’d killed himself. There would have been no sign of struggle so there wouldn’t have been much of an investigation.

Pippa even proved it by sending a bottle of wine to Seb and Julia. It had been drugged, so when the two realized Pippa was watching them, they followed her and passed out right where she needed them: at her work place.

Again, Julia and Seb never confirmed Pippa’s theories. However, it’s enough to put doubt in our mind and question whether Julia killed Thomas rather than Thomas killing himself.

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