Did Julia really die on The Voyeurs?

Natasha Liu Bordizzo stars in The Voyeurs - Courtesy of Bertrand Calmeau/Amazon
Natasha Liu Bordizzo stars in The Voyeurs - Courtesy of Bertrand Calmeau/Amazon /

When Pippa and Thomas realized they could see their neighbors, they had no idea the rabbit hole they’d go down. What happened to Julia on The Voyeurs?

After moving into their new Montreal apartment, Pippa and Thomas were ready to start their new life together. On their first night, they realized they could see into their neighbor’s apartment, and that soon led to an obsession.

As the two watched their neighbors more, they realized that Seb was having affairs. Pippa felt like she had to tell Julia the truth, especially when Julia ended up befriending her.

When Pippa did tell Julia, she was shocked to wake up the following morning to Julia dead in her apartment. She’d apparently killed herself over the affair, and Seb was beside himself. The incident took its toll on Pippa and Thomas, with Thomas deciding it was time to walk away.

Did Julia really kill herself on The Voyeurs?

At the end of The Voyeurs, Seb revealed a shocking truth. He and Julia knew that Pippa and Thomas were watching them. In fact, they owned that apartment building and had cameras set up to take photos, which was why the rental lease made it clear that Thomas and Pippa couldn’t hang anything on the walls. Seb and Julia wanted to see into the windows.

Julia and Seb had put on a show for Pippa and Thomas. They’d made it look like Seb was having affairs and that Julia was insecure. However, they knew everything from the beginning, including that Pippa and Thomas had even started recording the sound from the apartment.

Julia had faked her suicide to see what Pippa and Thomas would do next. It led to Seb being able to seduce Pippa, especially after Thomas left. That led to Thomas seeing and everything that happened with him. Did it all play out exactly like the narcissistic couple wanted? That’s not clear, but it worked out in their favor for their art.

At the opening night at Seb’s new exhibition, Julia stepped out. Pippa found out that she was the focus of the exhibition.

Of course, Pippa wanted revenge after that, but she wasn’t going to kill them. Instead, she blinded them, leaving Julia and Seb only with each other and unable to continue their work.

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