Will Amazon’s Cinderella come to DVD and Blu-ray?

Camilla Cabello stars in CINDERELLAPhoto: Christopher Raphael
Camilla Cabello stars in CINDERELLAPhoto: Christopher Raphael /

Cinderella is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Will you be able to own the musical movie on DVD and Blu-ray?

If there’s one movie you spent the weekend watching, it would have been Cinderella. The Amazon adaptation brought magic, fabulous fashion, great music, and a modern-day take on a classic story.

Of course, to watch it right now, you need to keep your Amazon Prime Video subscription going. It’s great for all types of other movies and shows, but you may not want to keep it going all the time. And then there are some movies you simply want to add to your DVD collection.

Will Cinderella be one of those streaming movies that hits DVD and Blu-ray? Here’s a look at the chances.

It’s hard to say if Cinderella will come to DVD and Blu-ray

If we’re honest, we can’t say yes or no when it comes to Cinderella on DVD and Blu-ray. In the majority of cases, Amazon Original Movies don’t head to DVD and Blu-ray. There’s no need for Amazon to put its movies in other formats.

When the movies head to DVD, there’s no need to keep subscription services. Why would you pay each month for a subscription when you can pay once and get the movie to watch whenever you want. And if you get a combo pack, you can also get the Digital releases so you can watch through Amazon Video at the same time.

However, the odd Amazon movie does head to DVD. Look at Cold War. This can often depend on the distributing studio and production studio contracts. With Amazon getting the global rights, it’s still unlikely that the DVD release is going to happen.

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Watch Cinderella on Amazon Prime Video now.